GeoAutomation™ offers a highly effective solution to all of your geospatial needs. Our solutions can be divided into 4 main categories, with many more options existing dependent on the type of client and requirements.

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Surveying & Measuring

Mobile mapping is increasingly becoming the method of choice for surveying and measuring companies where the aim is to produce high quality results faster and at a lower cost. GeoAutomation provides the advantage that data is captured at traffic speed by our vehicles without sacrificing accuracy. Essentially, we provide a mobile total station, which results in data allowing you take measurements directly from your PC.

Surveying / Measuring

GeoAutomation technology specializes in allowing measurements to be taken directly from images. The unrivalled accuracy and simplicity allows for not only capturing and processing street level 360° geo-referenced imagery, but also for a ground breaking level of engineering grade surveying accuracy of every point (pixel) on those street level images. Resulting data is available in consistent <2cm absolute accuracy in x, y,and z coordinates, and a relative accuracy of distances within the images that is within millimeters.


Simply put, a map is a visual representation of an area, highlighting relationships between elements of that area such as objects, regions, and themes.

Maps can be static two-dimensional, geometrically accurate (or approximately accurate) representations of three-dimensional space, or they can be dynamic or interactive, and of course three-dimensional.

GeoAutomation can produce all types of maps as in basic terms the technology compares to having a total station in your computer with all the details of the road. A big advantage therefore is that no matter what kind of weather conditions, what distances or even regardless of objects blocking roads, you can survey all elements at any point in time directly from your PC.

Low Lighting

Surveying inside tunnels or under bridges is not only a challenge for traffic or difficult reach reasons, also light forms a challenge when surveying those areas. With GeoAutomation technology, which is dependent on the light captured through the images, we have created a solution that can be used in those areas. This can be used in buildings too, where we choose to put the system on an adapted vehicle, depending on the area to be captured.

GIS data

At the core of GeoAutomation is our ability to provide the necessary data to populate GIS systems. Through our advanced pixel recognition technology, we provide the data needed to power a wide range of GIS systems including:

  • Urban planning and regional planning;

  • Infrastructure assessment and development;

  • Asset management and location planning;

  • Topographical and Earth surface-based analysis;

  • Reference and projections of a geospatial nature, both artificial and natural;

  • Environmental impact-assessment;

  • Geospatial intelligence;

  • Prospectivity mapping;

  • Military planning


The GeotoMap software is a GIS plugin; your perfect tool to explore and utilize the images. It integrates all of the tools you need to view and navigate through the images, and take measurements directly on those images from within your existing GIS or CAD environment. The main features of the software include:

  • Drive and navigate through the images; move in all directions, switch cameras, etc. Your map environment will follow all your moves.

  • Get images for a certain location; select your location in your map environment, GeotoMap shows you the images for this location.

  • Add mapping data on top of the images. This is a perfect way to validate your current mapping data. By visualizing your data in the images, you can compare your map with the real world situation.

  • Measure within the images: measure distances, heights, surfaces, … directly in the images.

  • Collect new data: every single point/object you see in the images can be measured. The resulting coordinates are sent automatically to your map, where they are added to your active layer or command.

  • For all data you collect, GeotoMap saves your measurement. In this way every mapped object is linked to its own images.

  • GeotoMap links directly to Microstation™, Autocad™, ArcGIS™, OpenJump™ and many other tools and is simple way of linking raw data directly to your GIS.

Asset Management

When managing and maintaining the infrastructure of towns and cities, a big challenge for governments and municipalities is managing street furniture. How many signposts do we have? What condition are they in? Exactly where are our lampposts positioned? How high are they? Where do division lines exist? The list goes on and for a government or city council, being able to control these assets is vital. GeoAutomation, with its automated feature recognition, is the perfect solution for this. Our vision based applications ranges from environment analysis to image recognition and replacement and can used seamlessly for any visual based analysis required.

Sign recognition and street furniture

Road traffic signs, street signs, drain covers, bins, lamp posts, paving slabs, recycling stations, public benches… the list goes on. Managing an inventory of assets is becoming an increasingly complex issue for governments and city councils alike. GeoAutomation technology provides a simple but highly effective solution to this issue through the automated recognition of any identifiable object. At the click of a button it is possible to know the exact location of your assets, what type they are, what condition they are and what their exact measurements are.

Environmental analysis

How tall are the trees in New York? What type of plants and shrubs are growing on the streets of Paris? Where exactly are these plants located? What condition are they in? Getting the answers to these questions can be a very costly exercise and if a city attempts to obtain them manually, it can also take a very long time. Using our drive-through mobile mapping technology GeoAutomation obtains this data very quickly and as the majority of detection and analysis is automated, it is carried out with absolute accuracy and precision.

Automatic image recognition & replacement

How many cars are parked on Main Street at any one time? Can we have images of our town with the cars removed? How can we capture high accuracy images of our city without breaching privacy laws? GeoAutomation provides a simple and automated solution though its recognition and replacement capabilities. At the click of a button we have the ability to automatically blur out faces, remove license plates from vehicles or even remove vehicles from images all together.


If a picture says a thousand words, a 3D model says a million. For both interiors and exteriors, Building Information Modeling (BIM) involves representing a design as objects that carry their geometry, relations and attributes.

Tunnels & bridges

We are able to drive through a tunnel or over a bridge without needing to stop traffic, with the end result of geo-referenced images and a complete 3D model.

Transport networks

GeoAutomation technology can be attached to any mode of transport to create a geo-referenced map and 3D model of the surrounding roads, underground metro lines or any other type of transport network.

Property Management and Construction

Create 3D models for all large or small scale projects. Use models to plan and design, record progress in 3D and demonstrate to stakeholders what has been complete or what is remaining for completion. Use BIM to show internal building requirements such as the location of smoke detectors, power cables and any other building feature. Use BIM to showcase interiors and exteriors for real estate sale.

Event/Venue planning

Our BIM technology can also be used to map the interior of a conference venue and then use the 3D model when selling space to potential event clients, an example of this could be to create a model of the space detailing exhibition stands.

Measure from your PC

As with all GeoAutomation solutions, all of the above examples allow for high accuracy mapping and analysis to be performed directly from your PC.

3D reconstruction

Demand for 3D modeling and reconstruction is growing every day and in a geographical context, GeoAutomation are at the forefront. Our specialist team are able to create geo-referenced 3D models with extremely high absolute and relative accuracy, with an end result that has limitless uses.

Point clouds

GeoAutomation technology transforms images into 3D point clouds. A point cloud is a set of vertices in a three-dimensional coordinate system. These vertices are usually defined by X, Y, and Z coordinates, and are typically intended to be representative of the external surface of an object.

Point clouds can be used for many purposes, including the creation of 3D Computer-aided design CAD models for measuring and surveying, urban planning, quality inspection, and many other visualization applications such as animation and rendering.

Virtual visits

Before spending money on property or space, people like to be able to take a look at it, and then look again. Through using GeoAutomation technology companies selling real estate can provide potential customers with the opportunity to view space in with absolute accuracy in 3D in all directions, all from the comfort of their PC.

Leisure & Entertainment

The potential of 3D does not stop with the more traditional uses of mapping. GeoAutomation technology is increasingly capturing the imagination of the entertainment industry, ranging from video game designers and film makers to Formula One racing. Other uses of GeoAutomation’s 3D modeling include tourist guides planning and tourist attraction mapping.